{eCourse} Facebook Ads Manager 101

Start Making Ads Tomorrow

Whether you're a small business that needs to get the word out on social media and the ads network or a marketing professional who wants to expand what they can offer in their career, this training is for you.

In just two hours you'll get:

  • Overview of everywhere that Facebook's ad network reaches.
  • How to set a campaign objective, and why it's so important.
  • All the different campaign objectives and real experience on how they work.
  • Build an audience that's perfect for your product.
  • A/B split testing audiences and creative.
  • Ad creative options and how they effect your performance.
  • Facebook canvas.
  • Creating a product catalog.
  • Billing (where is my receipt?).
  • Benefits of using business manager.
  • Pixel tracking and collecting.
  • Analyzing your results.
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Classes are held weekly on Thursdays 10am-12noon EST. Class size is limited to ten people. Class will cover a screen share training and participants will get the training booklet to take with them. 

Cost is $30 per person.

For organizations wanting to get a team trained, custom trainings are available with bulk discount.

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